Grepolis Bot 2.0

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Grepolis Bot Tested WORKING for version 2.0 – Finally working without .NET Framework errors. Grepolis Bot only for Grepolis 2.0.





HOTFILE: Download



For Usage, check the previous posts on this blog! For questions, simply leave a comment!!!


Hello! I’m testing the new bot for some updates (especially due to the initial Loading), still I can keep here a log for those:


You can use the bot at your own risk and be safe because there shouldn’t be much problems if you don’t run it 24/7. do it the smart way, run when you go to sleep!




Quick start guide
Exit the Grepolis site if you have it open.
Start the bot. Make sure all files are in the same directory or sub directory as the bot. See picture below.
Click View->Settings to configure your bot. (At least your Name, Password and Server info.) Changed, now you don’t need to provide General Server (like before) just your actual server, username and you will be prompted back then.
Click Actions->Login. Wait till the statusbar shows “|| Ready”.
Click View->Army. Enter the number of units you want to use in battle.
Click Actions->Start
Click on the “Build” buttons to add a building to the queue.
Go to View->”Army queue” to set the barrack queue and harbour queue.

Hello Greek Warriors! It’s a pleasure to announce grepolis 2.0 will launch at may’s 6th!


The EXACT launching date will be 00:00 GMT !


As soon as it starts I will try figuring out a way to make a bot for it in freeshare way like I did the last one. Hopefully it will not be hard!

Grepolis 2.0 Will Launch Soon, so far you already have a grepolis bot available on the internet, still I was told it will stop working for grepolis 2 so I’ll get ahead and once it launches i’ll make a good bot for it!

Bookmark this and like 1 day after the launch I’ll already have a working bot.